Diskutiere Xenon im Skoda Fabia I Forum Forum im Bereich Skoda Forum; The Fabia is not available in the UK with Xenon headlamps...but in the rest of europe it is. Anyone know if an upgrade is possible, or kits are...
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as far as I know there exists no upgrade kit or another option to upgrade your fabia with xenon-lights.

here in this community i have read that an upgrade for a Ford Focus would cost 1500€.
For the Skoda Octavia the upgrade would be more expensive... about 3250€

so i think it's not very clever to upgrade...even it is possible

You have to live without xenon lights... the advantage is in no relation to the price you pay for

but it is your decision...

I hope I could help you

greetings to the UK



As I see, there is no possibility to get Xenon in the UK. When you buy the set for the rest of Europe it isn't configured to UK.

Allready the normal headlights has to be changed with a ahessive tape when you drive in the UK ... so the Xenon will have the same setting.


I'm beginning to realise that not only is the Fabia more expensive in the UK, it also comes with less kit. Blah.


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