Wasser an Bord !!!

Diskutiere Wasser an Bord !!! im Skoda Fabia I Forum Forum im Bereich Skoda Forum; Hello! I am very sorry but my German language is too weak to express my ideas. I live in Germany and I am driving a Fabia Comfort, 1.4 16V...



I am very sorry but my German language is too weak to express my ideas.
I live in Germany and I am driving a Fabia Comfort, 1.4 16V, 100 CP, EZ nov.2001.

I have a lot of water in the car after it rains. I bought the car as a second-hand one,
and I suppose that this is the real reason they sold it. The car has no more warranty.

At a first sight it seeems that the water is entering through all the four doors.
Especially in the back it is very easy to see that after a rain, the bottom inner-trim of the door
is very wet.

I took the car to the local Skoda dealer twice, they put some silicone inside the doors, but
the problem is still present (maybe the inside water volume was reduced, but water is still present).
I payed 350 euro for almost nothing (by the way, is it normal to pay 150 euro just for drying the right side

carpet ??)

I am really desperate. I love this car, but I hate this very annoying thing.
It seems to be a cheap issue related to the build quality of the car.

What can I do? Is there a Skoda action to call back the cars with this problem?
What is the suitable solution for this???

Thank you

Radu Vacaru
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hast du ein schiebedach?

do you have a sun roof or sliding roof?


No, I have no sun roof!

But it is obviously that the water is comming through doors...

Wasser an Bord !!!

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