Diskutiere Tyres im Skoda Fabia I Forum Forum im Bereich Skoda Forum; Sorry about the english. I can't speak any German. Was wondering if anyone has added larger tyres to their fabia on manufacturers alloys?...

  1. Pete

    Pete Guest

    Sorry about the english. I can't speak any German.

    Was wondering if anyone has added larger tyres to their fabia on manufacturers alloys?

    I have 14 inches alloys with 185 60 R14 tyres, and was considering putting 195 60 R14 tyres on (Bridgestone RE720). They are just a little wider. What changes in performance should I expect? Increased fuel consumption?
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    Hi Pete!
    English is no problem at all!

    I have 195 50 R15 (but not on the manufacturers alloys) and the only thing that changed was that I was able to increase the speed at curves by 10-15 km/h. (May I say I´ve got the Yokohama A520 High-Performance Tyre which can be found here )

    The fuel consumption of my SDI did not really change, because I am mainly driving in the city, where the fuel consumption is always higher.

    I hope this information can help you a little!

  3. #3 andredomin, 17.04.2002

    andredomin Guest

    Hi Pete,

    as far as I know 60 means: height is 60% of width of the tire, i.e. if you put on the 195/60 you will increase the circumference of the tire compared to the original one.

    See here:
    Circumference and diameter of original tires in cm:

    Abrollumfang und Durchmesser von Serienreifen in cm:

    165/70 R14 = 184,3 Umfang / 58,7 Durchmesser
    185/60 R14 = 181,5 Umfang / 57,8 Durchmesser
    185/55 R15 = 183,6 Umfang / 58,5 Durchmesser
    195/50 R15 = 181,0 Umfang / 57,6 Durchmesser


    185/50 R16 = 185,8 Umfang / 59,1 Durchmesser
    195/45 R16 = 182,8 Umfang / 58,2 Durchmesser
    205/45 R16 = 185,6 Umfang / 59,1 Durchmesser
    205/40 R17 = 187,2 Umfang / 59,6 Durchmesser
    215/40 R16 = 181,7 Umfang / 57,8 Durchmesser
    225/40 R16 = 184,2 Umfang / 58,6 Durchmesser
    235/35 R17 = 185,1 Umfang / 58,9 Durchmesser

    Readjustment of speedmeter is necessary if circumference exceeds 188 cm !

    If you compare the 215/40 R16 and the 225/40 R16 tire you see what I mean.

    It is definitely not only the width you will change! In Germany you are not allowed to do so. In our Fahrzeugschein we can see what kinds of tires we are normally allowed to use on the car. Any other tire will need special technical inspection.

    Regards, André
  4. Pete

    Pete Guest

    Thanks for the help!


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