steamy windows

Diskutiere steamy windows im Skoda Fabia I Forum Forum im Bereich Skoda Forum; Hi all, After I use the airco when it rains, the folowing (few) times I start the car (airco off) the inside of the windows becomes steamy. It...


Hi all,

After I use the airco when it rains, the folowing (few) times I start the car (airco off) the inside of the windows becomes steamy. It lookes like the drain of the airco system doesn't work. ?(

Does anyone knows this problem or have a solution?
Like to hear from you.

Allready thanks,

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or short in english... ;-)

You should turn off the aircondition about 5 to 10 minutes before you park the car. Reason: the wetness which the AC takes out of the air keeps still in the system an will be blown to the windows as soon as you start the car



Vielen dank Kletti und Angus,

I have this problem also when I turn off the airco 10 minutes before I turn of the engine :-(
And then I have also the problem that I have to turn the blower on maximum or open a window (not fun when it raines) to prevent the steam on the inner side of the windows.

I'm wondering if the drain of my airco if functioning. Does anyone know were I can find this item?

Already thanks,


steamy windows

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