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Diskutiere Fuel economic im Skoda Fabia I Forum Forum im Bereich Skoda Forum; Hi all Fabia fan Sorry this is in english, but i think my german is to bad :) My fabia 1.4mpi 68 horsepower is just great with 17000 km...


Hi all Fabia fan

Sorry this is in english, but i think my german is to bad :)

My fabia 1.4mpi 68 horsepower is just great with 17000 km behind. I wonder how reliable the drive computer is ?

When i drive about 110 km/h my comuter says 5/100 to 5.2/100 liter.

When i have take a longer trip, say 150 km the ø/100 says 5.2/100 liters.

But that is almost 20 km/liter? What a great economic, but is this true, the manual only says 15 km/ liter ???

What is yours experience ?


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No problem – I think we understand the question.
If you drive carefully and without high rpm 5 liters are realistic.

But of course, the computer is not all.
Try to check your consumption at a petrol station.

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I'm wondering too - my boardcomputer tells me about 5,6 l / 100 km - but in fact its only 7,0 l / 100 km...

Hopefully things will change - the car has only driven 1300 km ....


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My Fabia need 6,5l / 100km.
I you read the manual then you find 7,2 / 100km.

So i´m happy to the 6,5l. :respekt:

If i drive on the motorway constant with 130 km/h my Fabia need only 5,5l / 100km.

If i had an diesel i think it´s normal but i drive with gasoline so it schould be good. :beifall:

Fuel economic

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