Android Car-Navigation für Skoda Roomster

Diskutiere Android Car-Navigation für Skoda Roomster im Skoda Roomster Forum Forum im Bereich Skoda Forum; Hi guys, Es tut mir leid, dass ich nicht Deutsch sprechen. Ich habe eine Google-Übersetzung auf der Unterseite hat. I am looking for an in car...


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Hi guys,

Es tut mir leid, dass ich nicht Deutsch sprechen. Ich habe eine Google-Übersetzung auf der Unterseite hat.

I am looking for an in car navigation system, that I can retrofit in the dashboard of my Skoda Roomster 1.2 TSI.

I found this system ( that is based on Android 2.2, which would be perfect! I would love an Android based system that I can develop for myself. But unfortunately this system does not fit into a Skoda Roomster.

What have you guys found to be interesting out there?


Ich bin für eine in Auto-Navigationssystem sucht, kann ich imArmaturenbrett meines Skoda Roomster 1.2 TSI nachzurüsten.

Ich fand dieses System (, die auf Android 2.2, die perfekt sein würde basiert! Ich würde gerne ein Android-basiertes System, das ich für mich entwickeln kann. Aberleider dieses System nicht in einen Skoda Roomster passen.

Was haben Sie zu interessanten Jungs da draußen finden?



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Hi Jay,
Since I'm not a native English speaker my answer might contain some mistakes. However, I hope, not too may to get the message... ;)

First of all an Android based device would be AMAZING!! :) I was also looking for a multifunctional device which combines satnav, BT, radio, CD, DVD, rear camera display, and so on. The product you mentioned I've never seen. I found a lot of Pioneer, Sony, JVC, and Zenec stuff. Especially the Zenec 2110 seems to be a nice device. Unfortunately that device is not equipped with 2 antenna connectors which results in poor radio reception.

Finally I gave up searching and decided to wait for some new device generation. In the meanwhile I stick to the "normal way": OEM radio "Swing", which offers a reasonable sound quality, an active phone holder (sorry, that website is in German only) and a Parrot MKi9200. (I found that placing the mikrophone as close to my mouth as possible dramatically improved my audibility for the other party.) My mobile is (still) a HTC HD2 (to be replaced with an Android driven phone in the near future) on which I installed Navigon MN|7.

For sure one single device is way better than my solution. But it offers good quality for the time until THAT ONE device I'm looking for will be available. (I'll keep the Dynavin site in my Favourites list... ;) )


Android Car-Navigation für Skoda Roomster

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