1.2 HTP ChipTuning

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  1. #1 Dr.Nele, 28.05.2005

    Dr.Nele Guest

    Hello everyone, I have Fabia 1.2 HTP for 6 months, now i've noticed that this engine is a little lazy when A/C clima works. I've would like to do chip tuning to improve torque and hp. Anyone experienced with this issue?

    Also, anyone know capacity of fuel tank? Around 44l, right?
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    Hello Mr. Dr.Nele and welcome :wink:

    you write, you have the car for the next 6 month ???
    For this time, so I think, it is no good idea to spend a lot of money. ?(
    IMHO you should wait this 6 month and then you can chose a better car.



    PS: Sorry for my bad English
  4. #3 Dr.Nele, 28.05.2005

    Dr.Nele Guest

    :loben: Hello,

    Well that was misunderstanding, I have this car for 6 months (from december 2004) and so far I'm satisfied, because i live in big city ( 1 - 2 gear drive :achtungironie: ). I have one offer for aditional 11hp (that makes total of 75hp, max 5700 rpm) for 300 euro :weglach:, but i'm not sure will I get some real improvement in perfomance....

    This is great forum for Skoda cars...

    I need to learn german a.s.a.p :cool:
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    In my opinion is the 1.2ccm engine not the best one for high performance. And to chip this engine, i could think it wouldn`t work very long!
    Normally is this engine constructed for slowly drivers with not too much kilometers per jear! And for trafficlight-sprints you should need another engine!

    But I must say, this is only my opinion about 1.2ccm tuning!!!

    Many greetings into the south-east!
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    Andreas N.

    Andreas N. Guest

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    marcelh Guest

    I would say, you better save your money and spend it on something else. Even if on paper you could gain some horse-power, I really doubt, you would notice any benefits in everyday driving. My Fabia has the 100HP petrol engine, and I can feel a performance drop when AC is on too. In general it is not recommended to chip-tune the smaller engines, as the longevity may suffer.

1.2 HTP ChipTuning

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