Fabia Club Polska !!! Maybe You will visit us :D

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    WojtasFCP Guest

    As the topic says Fabia Club Polska , 1 meeting of our club. We (FCP) are the first club that join users of Skoda Fabia in Poland...we exist from October 2003. You can visit our web site and our forum. We would like to invite You in days 30 April 2 May 2005 to our meeting We are orginazing a race with diffrent competitions for example... racing on time, many competitions were you have to be handy :) It is situated in Grudzidz. We have 3 diffrent cups to win and for those who won't win we have other gifts like brake liquids etc. Not only Skoda Fabia will be ...also we have invited other cars - Skoda (105,110,120) :) Of course we have also planned grill and drink :) the place is by the lake...you can see a few fotos here :

    If You want more details just e-mail me : wojtas333@op.pl :) I'll anwser all your question and help as much as I can :)

    PS. Sorry for my English :oops:

    Here is a small map ..

    Greetings from Poland from all members of Fabia Club Polska :)
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    bskwerl Guest

    Hi, Polska Club

    I'd like to be the first person who says :willkommen:
    I was wondering why the other user of our board are so quiet many of them
    have huge snouts :blauesauge: (even I) :sieger:
    >I'm pretty sure that you guys belongs to those who accept to crack jokes<

    Well, all jokes aside..
    We (me) appreciate your offer for visiting your club maybe it is also a opportunity
    making a cheap vacation. :pssst:

    p.s : Your English is not really bad take a look at my writing and you'll find many
    mistakes :tanzen:

    See ya :wink:
  4. #3 WojtasFCP, 08.04.2005

    WojtasFCP Guest

    Thanks for a warm welcome :)

    We would be very glad that friends from Skoda Community would come to visit us :) We have the same passion - Skoda :)

    I hope when You come and will take part in events the Cups will stay in Poland :LOL:
  5. skomo


    Dabei seit:
    Chemnitz 09112
    Rapid 135, S130 LR, Yeti TDi 4x4
    Together with friends I was at the Skoda meeting in Poznan 2004.
    And in august 2004 we were at a small meeting near Gdansk with our new friends from Skoda3City.
    We remeber both trips well, it was very nice.
    But you must always look for your car or pay for a guardian ........ :bigeyes:

    Nevertheless I`d like to come back.

  6. #5 WojtasFCP, 08.04.2005

    WojtasFCP Guest

    Hello Skomo

    Like You see in the map it's also near Gdansk :) so You know the route ... dont be afraid of your car ..we have it in safe place so the cars will be safe ... I'm ashamed for my countryman :motzen: but we(You and I) cant help it... We have reserved a "motel" by the lake(You can see them in photos, links are in my upper post). There is a safe place to park Your car :) . We would be honoured when someone from west border would visit us :) I aasure You it will be a great time !!!
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    WojtasFCP Guest


    Hi ! 2 weeks left till the first meeting of FCP :D

    How it would by guys ?? Someone is planning to visit us and spend 3 days of fun ??:>

    Greetings :)
  9. #7 WojtasFCP, 05.05.2005

    WojtasFCP Guest

    And the first meeting of FCP has come to an end :( You can see what happenened through these 3 days :


Fabia Club Polska !!! Maybe You will visit us :D

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